Board of Directors

Kristen Ramirez, President and CEO


I founded Hero Support Force because I have such great respect for the military men and women who

have given so much of themselves for the safety of our nation. Although there are multiple ways that one can show our gratitude, I find volunteering has the power to make a positive impact on our local

active duty and veteran community as well as that of our first responders. Being able to raise the funds or find the proper donor to provide for the needs or wants of those who have sacrificed so much for me is the least that I can do. Oftentimes, we may be the one smiling face a military member sees that day. The same can be said for the veterans and first responders that we support, their willingness to

serve and protect us is something I am grateful for every day. I want them to know how much they are

appreciated by providing them with support when the need arises.

Gregory A. Waskul, Chairman of the Board


It’s an honor to join my colleagues on the Hero Support Force Board in supporting our military, veterans, first responders and their families. They are the true heroes of our nation, sacrificing much and sometimes all to keep us safe and free. It’s so important to let our heroes know that everyday

Americans appreciate their service and their commitment to protect America and everything it stands

for. We will work to assure that Hero Support Force brings our community together to support these noble men and women. And in doing so, we will also be honoring the nation we love.

Carinda Mickelsen, Treasurer

I am the widow of a Vietnam Veteran and a Navy Mom. I saw the tears in my husband’s eyes when the

Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall came to our town and he was able to explain to our two young sons

what is was like to come home after serving his country and his country did not welcome him home. I saw the tears when people would walk up to him in his Vietnam Veteran baseball cap and thank him sincerely for his service. I saw the tears when our oldest son left for Great Lakes, graduated from

Great Lakes, left for his first deployment and returned from the same. I cried those same tears when

my husband passed away and felt that volunteering with our military would be the best way to honor

his service, sacrifice, memory and innate patriotism. As a military mom, I never want my son or any

other mother’s child to feel the way my husband felt when he returned from Vietnam, so I do my best

to honor all of our active, retired and veteran military members and their families every day, whether

I’m on the “volunteer clock” or just going about my daily life. After all, we all owe them so much for

keeping us safe and free every day.

Donna Hamilton, Secretary


Having grown up in a military family, I understand the struggles our active and retired soldiers go through. As a family, we  were  supported  throughout  my  father’s  tenure  in  the  USMC.  I  aim  to  give  back  to  the  families  who may be currently struggling now. Our military personnel and their families, as well as our first responders, should not struggle when they are in crisis. My hope is that I am able to see first hand the effects of our support. It’s heartwarming, inspiring and good for the soul.

Rhonda Juncos, Board Community Liaison


Supporting our troops and first responders has always been a part of who I am. In high school, even

though I didn’t understand the Vietnam war, I supported our troops and couldn’t understand why so many were angry at them. So even though, until 2016 when my son-in-law joined the Navy, I didn’t

have a connection to either group, my support remained strong. As soon as I retired, I joined the USO

and when I had the opportunity to join Hero Support Force, I knew it was something I should do. I am excited to be part of this group at the beginning and look forward to being part of the promising

journey it will take. I am hoping that I will help make things easier for them, be able to show them

support and make them sure they always know someone cares.